Saturday, February 2, 2013

Electric Pressure Cooker Meal Prep

Here is the process to make your freezer meals fort he pressure cooker. Remember that your crock pot will work as well! The thing I am loving most about the electric pressure cooker is that I have dinner done in 30 min. or less every night. It's the BEST tasting meat. While it's cooking (for 15 min.) I make a pasta or some kind of starch side. and a vegetable.
Thats it! Done. Kids eat it ALL and its easy clean up. what more can you ask for!

Once I purchase all my meats and marinades, I bring it home and prepare the meals. This whole process takes me 30 minutes tops!
I make all my marinades right in the bags, label and get ready to add the meat
*recipes to these marinades are either from the back of the packages, a bottle of favorite marinade, or from other recipes on this blog that I just used. You cant go wrong with any marinade your family enjoys!
 Washing the meat is something I personally do- not all believe you should or need to.  The only thing you need to be mindful of is, once your done rinsing all the meat bleach out your sink and surrounding area thoroughly!
 I place 3-4 pieces of chicken breast in each bag. I have 2 chuck roasts and a lfank steak. I also made a bag of meatballs.
 All ready to zipp up!
 Ready to freeze! Honestly, so easy.