Monday, February 23, 2009

Chicken Pot Pie's

Chicken Pot Pie


1 Home made Pie crust
1 Egg for crust
4 chicken breast halves or 2 C left over cooked chicken
Salt / Pepper
1 T Butter
¼ C butter
½ C Flour
2 C Heavy Cream
2 T Chicken Stock
½ T minced Garlic
¼ small yellow onion, minced
½ C Frozen Peas, cooked
½ C Chopped Celery, cooked
½ C Chopped Carrots, cooked
Pinch fresh nutmeg

Par bake bottom crust- Top crust will be strips


Cooked Chicken – chop in pieces
In saucepan, melt butter and then slowly add flour- light roux color
Slowly add cream and keep stirring. Add chicken base, garlic and onion and stir until thickened. Add peas, carrots, celery, nutmeg, cut up chicken and remove from heat.
Fill pie shell- add strips- brush with egg
Bake 350 until crust is done

I like to make this recpie into little pot pies. Here are some pictures of the process.

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