Monday, April 13, 2009

Chocolate Layer Cake

This cake is so light in taste. Which only means it's not hard to eat 3 pieces. Yes, I did, quiet. 
Thanks Teri Huckvale!!!


1 pkg. of Devils Food Cake Mix
make 3 cake rounds(if you have a scale weigh 12 oz of batter for each pan to get even cakes)

1 8oz pkg Cream Cheese
2/3 C. Brown Sugar
1t. Vanilla
1t. Salt

Mix this together, set aside

16oz Heavy Whipping Cream- beat to medium peak
Fold in Whipping Cream to above mixture

This will give plenty of frosting so don't skimp in between layers! 
Drizzle Hershey Chocolate Syrup over each slice of cake!

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