Friday, February 19, 2010

Foil Packet Tilapia

This is so easy, and the flavor is divine! You can use this method with any fish or chicken. Tilapia is so good for you, super high in protien and low in fat. You can get it frozen or fresh, and often for a great price. I threw this recipe together and LOVE it! Often a strong taste comes through with frozen talapia, but with this recipe, it was masked perfectly.

2-4 Tilapia portions
Aluminum Foil
1 Bell pepper cut into thin strips
1/2 onion cut into thin strips
olive oil- to taste
1 tsp Basil
1 tsp garlic powder
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 Tbsp Capers- optional, but tons of flavor
1 lemon, sliced thin, reserve some juice too

Rinse and pat Tilapia portions dry with paper towel. Salt and pepper both sides. Put Tilapia in large piece of foil, drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice. Sprinkle with basil, garlic powder and capers, layer on the pepper and onion strips. Top with lemon slices. Wrap up in a rectangular packet shape, place in 400 degree oven for 20 minutes. Fish is done when it flakes and is solid white in color. Yummy! Serve with steamed broccoli and rice!

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