Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fruit Pizza

A classic must have dessert!

Easy way is to use store bought sugar cookie dough, roll it out and bake. I have to use my own sugar cookie recipe, just can't do store bought. So it takes a little longer but you know what they day about those who wait? I don't remember, what do they say?heehee


Sugar Cookie Dough
8oz package of Cream cheese
1/3 C Sugar
1tsp Vanilla

Fresh fruit in season


Roll out cookie dough onto pie shape stone. (obviously you can do this on a cookie sheet as well)
Bake at 350 and take out a little before done, just like you would regular cookies.
Let cookie cool.
Meanwhile, beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla until nice and smmoooth!
Slice up your fruit
Once Cookie is cooled off spread mixture and then top with your yummy fruit
I like to chill mine before serving.

Cut into pizza slices and watch them disappear.

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